Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's not just for boys anymore...

To the person who asked "why in the world would you want to serve a mission?" I didn't know if my answer was adequate enough so I found a quote that I think explains it more fully.

Said President Gordon B. Hinckley "Today many sisters are being called to serve. many more are preparing to serve. Not because they aren't married or don't have anything else to do, but they have the desire to serve. One reason that the Lord wants more sisters to serve is because within the next generation He will send His priesthood army to the earth. He wants to send choice spirit children to mothers who have been prepared, properly trained and taught in the gospel. What better schooling can a mother have than the experience and growth she gains through serving a mission."

And then sooo many more reasons!

The Help

If only we could always remember.

Monday, January 2, 2012


So I know I posted about New Years before Christmas but really in the eternal scheme of things it doesn't matter. So don't judge. Christmas was fabulous this year. Full of the spirit of giving, family, good times and laughter all around. Oh how I love my family! All of us were home for Christmas, minus the Curtis family from Ohio, who were missed. That brought the total for the Hillman household near 20 for Christmas day, which makes for a REALLY loud and crazy day. My two nieces Emma and Liv slept with me on Christmas Eve and it was a fun time getting them to bed. I kept telling them if they didn't go to sleep Santa wouldn't come, finally after about 30 minutes of telling them to stop talking, they both fell asleep. I had told them if they weren't quiet I would go get their parents, Livvy (3) so graciously reminded me, "they aren't parents they are mommies" and then learning from example she reprimanded me for talking by telling me "if YOU don't stop talking I'm getting your parents." Oh how I love kids, it's safe to say I stopped talking, no need to get the parents involved. My sister came and woke me up. I woke the girls up with the promise that Santa came, and they instantly out of bed. They would have been down the stairs if my brother-in-law Jon wasn't there to stop them. We did the typical kids on the stairs picture, and we look a lively bunch for sure. Then proceeded to open presents around the tree. I of course got all sorts of fun stuff for the misison. Oh yeah. Seeing how it fell on Sunday we took a quick trip to church and it was a marvelous meeting. It was nice to see all of the families together. I sure do love this season. It was a nice refresher on what the reason behind the season. Him who lived and died for us. The birth of something and someone very special. The sacrifice he made for us even from his infancy. May we always remember him. I hope your day was truly merry and bright!

Yes we are wearing matching jammies and socks!

Here's to you 2012

Where does time go? Seriously. I feel like 2011 just drove up, waved hello and then decided to peace out. Thanks for the resolutions I didn't keep, the multiple memories, the abundant adventures, and the endless laughter. Here's to you 2012, may you be the best year yet!

Monday, December 19, 2011


I think 21 would have been a different birthday had I had the desire to go out and celebrate my legalness to divulge in whiskey and liquor. Instead however I spent a lovely day catching up on sleep, hanging out with family and watching the second Sherlock Holmes movie. I hope my 21st year of life was as good as my 20th, something leads me to believe it will be even better.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A call from Kirtland

Last night I had the opportunity to talk to a sister currently serving at the Historic Kirtland Visitors' Center. She called in response to my comment card that I left in July, way before it was ever a possiblity I would EVER serve there myself. I thought she was calling about my mission but she just wanted to ask me about something I wrote. I informed her that I would be coming to serve there in March-ish and so we had a nice long talk about what I should expect. It was exactly what I needed especially these days when doubts are constantly in my mind. She reinvented my excitement adn calmed A LOT of my fears. The Lord does care about us. He sends us help when we need it the most. That is just one more thing about which I am ready to testify. Thank you Sister Maynerd for being so close to the spirit and calling me when I sooo needed it. It makes me excited about the possibility that I could be that sister missionary to someone else. Bah. 1.5 months. February please come faster.

Sunday, November 20, 2011